HEDNO S.A., as a member of the PPC S.A. Group, follows the Workplace Health and Safety Policy, which applies to its employees, the subcontractors’ personnel, and everyone who has access to its services and premises.

 In the context of this Policy, HEDNO takes all measures and makes available all the means and the necessary resources which ensure the protection of the life and the physical and mental health of its personnel. At the same time, based on its corporate social responsibility, the relevant protection of the contractors’ personnel, the visitors, and all those who have access to its units and premises, is a fundamental condition for any cooperation with them.

The fundamental goals and principles of the company Policy are inter alia:

  • Constantly reducing occupational accidents and occupational illnesses and constantly improving the work environment.
  • Preventing and eliminating occupational risks at source, with the scientific and systematic risk assessment at the workplace.
  • Systematically informing employees regarding the workplace risks and training them as regards the safe work rules, regulations, and practices.
  • Cultivating and developing a sense of responsibility as regards the measures that employees must take for the protection of themselves and their colleagues, as well as consolidating a safe work behavior.
  • Constantly improving the methods and means of work, to reduce risks, in combination with supplying employees with the most modern personal and collective protective equipment and supplies.
  • Ensuring the commitment of external associates to take similar measures and adopt a similar policy.