HEDNO S.A informs you that it has established, after cooperation and approval of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), the procedure based on which an amount is paid to consumers whose electrical appliances have been damaged due to neutral breaking of the Low Voltage overhead or ground network.


The payment of the amount will be realized provided that the following conditions apply simultaneously:

  • The consumer informs HEDNO, as soon as possible, for the specific event (damages of electrical appliances) by submitting the relevant application form within the same day, if possible, or within the following four (4) working days from the event.
  • HEDNO does not have any data, information or findings based on which neutral breaking of the Low Voltage network is substantiated (with consequence the over voltage compared to nominal values) due to force majeure.
  • HEDNO should investigate the causes of the damage /failure of the material especially in relation with the responsibilities and obligations of the Network Operator but also with possible defective material and should prove or speculate reliably and in writing the characterization of the “random” neutral breaking. In any case, HEDNO S.A. is obliged to provide to the consumer any relative elements.
  • The consumer, if asked, provides at HEDNO disposal the damaged appliances or equipment for 2 days in order to be checked before their repair.
  • The consumer should provide at HEDNO disposal, when asked, the electrician's documents in which:
- it should be described the kind of damage, if possible, that is related to possible over voltage due to neutral breaking of the Low Voltage Distribution network based on technical findings and elements and
- it should be substantiated the cost of damage repair or replacement of appliances or equipment with others of equivalent standards, if their repair is not considered to be economically beneficial.

  • The consumer should sign a statement in which it is stated clearly and unconditionally that the damage in the appliances or equipment is due to random fault or failure of the network material and that the amount paid by HEDNO S.A. is sufficient for the above mentioned cause and in full accordance with the damage occurred; Also, it should be mentioned that full and complete payment is provided to the consumer for the mentioned damage with which he is completely satisfied.


HEDNO will decide on the consumers' applications within fifteen (15) working days from their submission, adding the time of possible delay on behalf of the consumer for the submission of the documents required. In case of the application approval, HEDNO will pay the amount within one month from the decision taken on the application.

HEDNO will not pay, under the procedure in question, any amount for possible damages for the consumer or his employees or third parties related to the operation of his installation, for damages relating to loss of revenues or earnings, loss of reliability, loss of production, falling of clauses to third parties and any indirect or consequent damage.

HEDNO is committed to make any possible effort so as to improve the quality of the voltage provided, in order to minimize the problems that consumers are facing.


Starting date for the application of the above mentioned procedure implementation is Monday 2nd of May 2011.


Useful information in order to claim compensation for your electrical appliance that was damaged due to our responsibility.