A. For the elaboration of the study, the following documents are required:

1.     Application form for  small-scale works (HEDNO S.A. document)

2.     Installation permit or Special Statement of exemption issued by the competent Prefecture for production units according to L. Ν.3325/2005.

3.     Statement for the maximum link current, where necessary (HEDNO S.A. document).

4.     If referring to decrease of power supply, the consent of the property owner is obligatory with a Sworn Statement of L.1599/86.


Β. For the construction of the supply, the signature of the connection agreement with HEDNO S.A. is required (Law 2773/99 and 3426/05), as well as the payment of a sum for the power supply expenses.

C. For the power supply (connection of the inner electrical installation), the Licensed Electrician Certification (L.4483/65 and L.2302/95) to HEDNO S.A. must be submitted.

For more information, please contact the competent service point.