According to the existing legislative and regulatory framework, under certain conditions, a consumer is able to connect a standby generating set with its installation that will be used by him exclusively and only as backup, that is, only during power interruptions due to fault or incapacity of the Network.   

The installation and operation of the standby generating set is allowed only after HEDNO’s written agreement  that will be provided if:

       1.   The following documents are submitted by the consumer:

1.1 The Decision by Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) for exemption from the obligation of a generation permit.

1.2 Licensed Electrician Certification in which it is certified among others that the necessary technical safety devices are installed so as to exclude the parallel operation of the backup generation unit with the network or the supply of the network from it. 

2.   The technical safety devices are checked by HEDNO and they are found that they are in accordance with the Licensed Electrician Certification mentioned above in paragraph 1.2.

It is pointed out that, the Decision for exemption from the obligation of the issuance of an installation and operation permit by the equivalent Region’s Development Department is also included in the permits foreseen by the existing legislation for the installation and operation of a standby generating set.

For the issuance of the specific Decision, the submission of specific documents are required by the owner of the standby generating set to the Development Department; one of the documents required is a copy of HEDNO’s written agreement.