Beneficiaries and Conditions for the Solidarity Services Tariff

In any case, the supply must be under the name of the body providing welfare services. If the meter does not correspond to the beneficiary, then the required procedures must be followed so as the bill to be issued in its name at the address of the building where the welfare services are provided, before the application form submission for the Solidarity Services Tariff. If the issuance of an updated License Electrician Certification is required in order to change the name on the meter, there is also the possibility to be submitted after the procedure of integration into the Solidarity Services Tariff and it does not constitute an obstacle for its implementation.

Beneficiaries integrated into the Solidarity Services Tariff must fulfill the following conditions for each category:


It refers to non-profit bodies governed by private law specifically certified pursuant the regulations of article 5, L. 2646/1998 and provide social welfare services.


It refers to church-charity institutions that provide feeding services in specific areas (cooking areas, dining rooms).


It refers to legal persons governed by public Law providing welfare services under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare.


It refers to social solidarity structures established by the Municipalities and sheltered in municipal buildings (social groceries, social clinics and feeding services).