Application form submission


For the submission of the application form, the following are required:


1.    The Supply Number that is mentioned on their Supplier's bill


2.     Their Identity Card data and TIN (as well as their husband’s/wife’s data, if they are married)


3.     For people on life support, they are obliged to additionally submit the following :

    1. Their Social Security Number (AMKA)
    2. Their social security organism
    3. The protocol number of the certificate issued by the social security organism to which the patient pertains; in the certificate it is certified the need for life-support equipment at home necessary to sustain the patient’s life. If the patient is not insured, the protocol number of the certificate with equivalent content issued by a state hospital.
    4. That they have in their possession the above mentioned certificate.


The beneficiaries are obliged to keep the original copy of the certificate as long as they are included in the KOT tariff and they should present it in case of the relevant inspection. The accuracy of the certificate content as well as the accuracy of the affidavit may be checked by the competent services based on the archives of other services.