With the no Δ5-ΗΛ/Β/Φ29/16027/6.8.10  Decision of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change as amended by the no Δ5-ΗΛ/Β/Φ29/6713/24.3.11 and Δ5-ΗΛ/Β/Φ1.20/οικ.878/17.1.13  and Δ5/ΗΛ/Β/Φ29/οικ.21235/20.11.13 and Δ5/ΗΛ/Β/Φ29/οικ.23823/23.12.2013 Decisions, the Social Residential Tariff  (ΚΟΤ) is provided for the protection of the vulnerable social groups of consumers and particularly for persons with low income, families with 3 children, long-term unemployed, disabled people as well as people on life support.

According to the recent Decision of the Ministry, in case of Announcement release referring to the application of short-term measures for the reduction of particulate matter emissions by the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change within the area of Attica Region or by the competent Head of the Region within the areas covered by the rest of the country’s Regions, for a double duration compared to the number of days applied for the short-term measures mentioned above, the charge of the consumption energy referring to the competitive part of the Residential Off-Peak Tariff (KOT) is zero for KOT beneficiaries living within the area where the measures in question are applied.

This Tariff is provided by all power suppliers.

From HEDNO S.A. website, all beneficiaries can submit their application form in order to be integrated into the Social Residential Tariff, irrespective of the Power Supplier selected.

The Social Residential Tariff is applied all year round, after the completion of the application data examination by the competent bodies (Ministry of Finance, OAED). The applicants who submit their application forms within the time period between October 1st and December 15th and whose application forms are approved, they are entitled to the Social Residential Tariff from the beginning of the next year.

Application forms are submitted all year around and for those approved, the Social Residential Tariff is applied for the remaining period of the year.

It is pointed out that for the beneficiaries to whom the Social Residential Tariff is granted for one year, it continues to be provided automatically for the next year and the submission of a new application form is not required provided that there is no change in the elements of their initial application form.   If there is a change in any of the data of their initial application form (for example in one of the provision conditions or in the E-payment Code), then a new application form must be submitted obligatorily. Additionally, if, upon the data check by the competent authorities (Ministry of Finance, OAED), it is proved that they are no longer beneficiaries of the Social Residential Tariff, the provision is ceased.   


Beneficiaries in need of life-support equipment are exempted and must submit an application form every year.