The Decision of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change no Δ5-ΗΛ/Β/Φ1.21/12112/20.06.2013 (Greek Government Gazette Β’ 1521/21.06.2013) issued according to authorization of the Law 4001/2011 (Greek Government Gazette Α΄ 179/22.08.2011) defines the criteria, conditions and procedure for integration of a power supply customer to the Register of Vulnerable Customers for the implementation of Chapter 6 regulations of the Code for Power Supply to Consumers (Greek Government Gazette Β’ 832/09.04.2013).

Residential Customers will be included in the Register of Vulnerable Customers for the electricity consumption of their main residence only, provided that they are persons with low income, families with three children, families with more than three children, long-term unemployed, disabled people, people on life support, as well as elderly people based on specific income criteria and limits on the four-month consumption period for each category.

Special protective measures are provided to Vulnerable Customers by all Electricity Suppliers, such as a deadline of forty days for the payment of Consumption Bills, possibility for partial or interest free payment of the Consumption Bills, suspension of the supplier possibility to order meter disconnection (power supply interruption) due to overdue debts during winter period (November until March) and summer period (July and August) as well as more strict conditions for termination of the power supply contract on behalf of the supplier.

If the four-month consumption period of the Vulnerable Customer as well as the mean four-month consumption period on annual rolling basis exceed the consumption limits of his category, then the above protective measures cease to apply for the specific four-month period.

Application forms for the integration into the Register of Vulnerable Customers are submitted within the period between the 1st of October and 15th of December of each year, so as to be applied from the beginning of the following year. Application forms can be submitted after the above period but the integration will be realized for the remaining period of the year after the implementation of the data check.

Specifically, for the year 2013, application forms are submitted until the 15th of July, while the Customers, who are already integrated into the Social Residential Tariff, are automatically entered into the Vulnerable Customers without the submission of relevant application form.
Application forms for the integration into the Register of Vulnerable Customers can be submitted by all consumers-beneficiaries, irrespectively of the selected Electricity Supplier, at HEDNO S.A. website.

It is pointed out that for the beneficiaries included as Vulnerable Customers for one year, their integration will be in force for the next year and the submission of a new application form is not required, provided that there is no change in the elements of their initial application form. If there is a change in any of the data of their initial application form, then a new application form must be submitted obligatorily. Additionally, if, upon the data check by the competent authorities (Ministry of Finance, OAED), it is proved that they do not fulfill the criteria, then they will be removed from the Register of Vulnerable Customers.

Beneficiaries in need of life-support equipment are exempted and must submit an application form every year.