Lists per Municipal/Local Community include the names of eligible users in accordance with article 2 of ΚΥΑ ΑΠΕΗΛ/Α/Φ1/23840/23.12.2014 (Official Government Gazette 3497/Β/29.12.2014), namely all residential consumers whose accounts were active on 9.8.2016, date of publication of the “Final Table Including Breakdown of Costs from RES Facilities in one or more Municipal or Local Communities, for the period between 2010-2014” (ΥΑ ΑΠΕΗΛ/οικ.181851/09.08.2016) , regardless of the total credit-back amount .

According to the provisions outlined on circular ΑΠΕΗΛ/οικ. 187934/15.12.2016, credits less than one cent (< 0,01 €) will be calculated against the next breakdown of costs.
Certain eligible accounts registered in the Mytilene Municipal Community of Lesbos and the Municipality of Piraeus with less than one cent credit will not receive a refund, given that the number of eligible accounts is too large compared to the corresponding total amount, based on the Final Table of breakdown costs. 

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