HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) was formed by the separation of the Distribution Department from PPC S.A., according to L.4001/2011 and in compliance with 2009/72/EC EU Directive relative to the electricity market organization with the goal to undertake the tasks of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator. It is a 100% subsidiary of PPC S.A., however, it is independent in operation and management retaining all the independence requirements that are incorporated within the above mentioned legislative framework. 


Our company tasks include the operation, maintenance and development of the power distribution network in Greece, as well as the assurance of a transparent and impartial access of consumers and of all network users in general. We aim at providing reliable power supply to our Customers, quality of electricity voltage and constant improvement of quality in services.


Our mission and vision is the response to our Customers’ expectations and the contribution to the development and welfare of our fellow citizens with respect to people and to the environment.


Establishment of Distribution subsidiary company

In the Meeting of the 12th of October 2010, the Board of Directors decided that the Power Distribution activities, that is, the network management and provision of services for the whole country, as well as the activities of the non-Interconnected islands Operator undertaken by PPC S.A. to be transferred as a whole (100%) to the subsidiary of PPC S.A..