1.Environmental Strategy- Biological Diversity
HEDNO aims at the minimization of environmental impact deriving from its activity (electricity distribution) which is achieved by the fact that the protection of environment constitutes the main criterion in the decision taking of the Company.

HEDNO participates actively in the protection of fauna and flora aiming at the development and maintenance of environmental values.

HEDNO cooperates with the competent bodies and organizations with protective interventions to the networks located in areas where rare bird species inhabit implementing important interventions and adopting new technologies particularly in areas where migratory pieces overfly.

For the secure passage and stay of storks and other migratory birds in our country, HEDNO schedules and implements important interventions in most of the areas. More in particular: 

- Special insulating materials are installed on network cables in areas where migratory species overfly. These interventions have been carried out at Chalastra of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital (HWH) and in Sounio in cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

- Special constructions are implemented on poles, mainly in the North and Central Greece in order to help storks lay their nests without danger.

- HEDNO cooperates with NGOs for sheltering wild life in our country by covering part of the treatment cost for wounded birds due to electric shock or crushing on cables.

Photo: The President and CEO, Mr. G. Kollias, during his recent visit to the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, ANIMA, in Kallithea.

2. Improvement of aesthetic intervention 

The Company is committed to the continuous improvement of the aesthetic intervention on the networks, giving priority to new underground networks in urban areas. At the same time the program of aesthetic upgrading is in progress for the existing overhead distribution networks, with the substitution of overhead bare conductors with insulated cables and the use of underground compact substations instead of overhead substations in aesthetically suffered urban areas, such as traditional settlements or areas of particular interest (in a touristic and a cultural point of view).

Photo.: The City of Andros with its paved streets and imposing mansions is one of the areas where HEDNO has implemented underground network cables.

3. Actions for the protection of the environment

The protection of the natural resources is realized through additional corporate actions such as tree pruning, clearing of adjacent vegetation around networks with the cooperation of local authorities for the protection of forests.

- HEDNO enhances and supports initiatives of tree planting and also regeneration of the environment. Indicatively, HEDNO has financially supported  “Omikron”, the Voluntary Action Group of Chios, which not only protects but also contributes decisively to the development of the natural environment of the island, that is severely damaged by the destructive fire in 2012.

-Additionally, HEDNO installs insulated cables and uses synthetic insulators to protect the Network from air pollution. At the same time, the Company is implementing integrated waste management policy as well as a program for the reduction of Corporate buildings environmental footprint so as to save energy and to reduce the volume of waste.
Towards this direction, it participates in the recycling system for lighting fitting and lamps, in Free Recycle for collection of toners και inkjet cartridges while at the same time the Company has established a cooperation with the Municipality of Athens for paper recycling.

- Power saving constitutes the main goal for HEDNO S.A. within the strategy framework applied for the protection of the environment. Smart Meters and Smart Grids contribute decisively to the achievement of the goal for limitation of energy consumption providing higher protection to the environment.
Smart Meters constitute the basic coefficient for the development of Smart Grids and within this framework, HEDNO has already began the replacement of the existing metering systems with smart systems.