Corporate External Environment

- Main goal of HEDNO S.A. is to assure the successful outcome of the action programs so as to provide a feeling of relief from the difficult social problems that people or social groups face through either financial support or provision of services and know-how. Also, non-governmental organizations and social bodies are within the spectrum of interest of HEDNO Corporate Social Responsibility pursuing the fulfillment of expectations concerning the improvement of communication, successful outcome of joint solidarity programs, as well as the enhancement of their social work. HEDNO supports with consistency and continuity SGOs such as the “Ark of the World” by participating in gathering goods for the support of vulnerable social groups for Christmas 2012.

- At the same time, HEDNO reinforces the local entrepreneurship by assigning construction projects to local contractors and by supplying the necessary materials from the local market in order to enhance the local economy.
HEDNO, being present in the whole Greek territory, proceeds to calls for tenders in each area not only for materials but also for services, in order to attract local business suppliers to cover its needs.

- Additionally, HEDNO provides know-how to the Municipalities of the country about issues that concern road and building illumination with primary goal to save power.

- HEDNO encourages social or cultural initiatives in local communities , a policy that is incorporated in the funding program. Indicatively, HEDNO has financially supported to “Alma Zois” for actions against breast cancer and how enhanced events organized by “Mazi gia to Paidi” (“All together for the children”).

- Work possibilities are offered to students of Universities and of Technological institutions within the framework of their training course transferring the enormous experience of its personnel to young people, thus, upgrading the level of the technical education in the country.

- Research projects are implemented in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens while at the same time HEDNO participates in European programmes mainly in the sector of Smart Grids.

- HEDNO contributes to the improvement of the educational program of the country (with the realization of conferences and seminars with direct or indirect participation, grants to schools, etc).

- Seminars concerning the methods of power saving are organized for students not only in Attica but also in other regions in various parts of the country (Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Ioannina).

Corporate Internal Environment

- In HEDNO, the effort for keeping and assuring the appropriate work environment and equal career evolution is continued providing opportunities for “life-long learning”, development of personnel skills and knowledge through intra-corporate training and specific educational programs.

- Scientific-training conferences are organized and the participation of employees in conferences-seminars of external bodies is encouraged.

- Equal opportunities to both men and women are assured not only in recruitments but also in their career evolution.

- Special leave of absence is provided to employees with one parent families.

- Specific events are organized in regular time periods to tighten the relations between employees, such as the event for the New Year Celebration, while presents are provided to employees’ children during the Christmas Holidays.

- Special leave of absence is provided to employees in cases of emergency.

- Particular care is given to issues of Health and Safety at Work through specific protection measures and application of safety regulations (employees' preventive check-ups, upgrading the role of Safety Technicians in all Units etc.). Continuous education is provided to personnel concerning issues of health and security.

- Employees’ children are registered free of charge in day care centers owned by HEDNO, while part of the expenses are covered for their participation in privately owned day care centers.

- Summer camps owned by HEDNO are operating for employees’ children, while part of their expenses are covered for privately owned summer camps.