1. For customers

- Constant goal of HEDNO is to further upgrade the quality of power supply as well as the provision of services to customers.

- Within this framework, HEDNO proceeds to the integration of new technologies (Smart Grid & Smart Metering) which will decisively upgrade the services provided and will contribute decisively to the development of methods for saving energy but also the optimization of its customers energy behavior. 

- HEDNO operates always with the goal to assure equal and transparent access of all interested parties, Consumers, Suppliers and Producers to the Electricity Networks.


HEDNO provides customers the following services through its website:

- Possibility of application form submission for integration into the category of vulnerable customers or/and beneficiary of the Social Residential Tariff.

- Possibility to send meter indications so as to be included in the issuance of “Estimated” Bills and, at the same time, information is provided on scheduled power interruptions.

- Information on Guaranteed Services. Within the framework for provision of quality services, HEDNO has established specific deadlines for main services provided to its customers.

- Constant information on institutional and regulatory framework (Legislation, RAE decisions) concerning PVs and other RES.

2.For external associates, contractors and suppliers

- HEDNO has established a general clause in all tenders binding contractors to keep the provisions of Labour and Social Security legislation for their personnel under the penalty of the contract termination and their exclusion from all future tenders in case of continuous violation.

- At the same time, HEDNO has set in operation Information Technology systems for better management of contractors (e.g. the procedures become less time consuming and the payments of certified works are realized immediately with “Gordios” - the contractors’ certification system- before the expiration of the time period for payment of the certified works).

- Additionally, HEDNO is in continuous communication with major providers for exchanging views regarding the behavior of the provided equipment and know-how.

- The Regulation on Projects and Supplies as well as the calls for tenders on projects and supplies are uploaded to HEDNO website, so as to facilitate the immediate access of all interested parties.

- Calls for tenders that are launched to public consultation for their final formation are uploaded to HEDNO website so as to fulfill the terms of complete transparency and objectivity.